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Independent Contractor Agreement

In consideration of the covenants contained herein, _______________________, hereinafter referred to as HOMEOWNER, and ____________________________ hereinafter referred as CONTRACTOR, enter into the following Independent Contractor Agreement for work performed at the address noted below, and hereby agree as follows:

CONTRACTOR agrees to perform service and provide exact material as outlined in the work order/proposal # ___________________ or as follows:



CONTRACTOR agrees to the status of Independent Contractor for the purposes of this engagement.

CONTRACTOR understands and further agrees that the status of Independent Contractor does not provide rights enjoyed by an employee.  Furthermore, this relationship does not provide coverage for workers compensation, social security, or unemployment benefits.

CONTRACTOR, as Independent Contractor has the duty to report and pay all tax on profits and all withholding taxes on his/her wages.

CONTRACTOR, as Independent Contractor expressly agrees that those performing services through him or her have insurance against any liability that may arise out of their performance under this Agreement.

CONTRACTOR also agrees to respect the privacy of the HOMEOWNER and will not affect any personal property on the premises.

CONTRACTOR, being the Independent Contractor under an agreement with, has thoroughly read this document and hereby agrees, attests, and stipulates that the Independent Contractor status defines the relationship between the parties under this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have affixed or caused to be affixed their respective signatures this _______ day of __________________, 20___.

Acceptance by__________________________________________ HOMEOWNER

Acceptance by__________________________________________ CONTRACTOR

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Disclaimer: We are not attorneys and this agreement is for information purposes only.  Please contact your attorney to make any changes to this document so that it becomes a legal contract with any Company you hire to do work in your home.

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