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Business Listing Request for Homeowner Association Websites  (see below)

To target your marketing efforts to a select clientele, please give us a call at 440-341-2279 if you would like to apply via phone. Otherwise, you can print and complete this application and return via secure toll-free fax to 866-245-4307.

Choose Network Marketing Site(s):Total Marketing Fee

SignatureHOA.com - $420 annually
MeadowLakesHOA.com - $360 annually
HeisleyParkHOA.com - $270 annually
HuntClubAvonLake.net- $250 annually
BentleyHOA.com - $250 annually

Please send via secure fax 1-866-245-4307.

If you prefer to call us with payment info, we can be reached at 440-341-2279.

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Note: Code is a 3 digit number after account number on back of card; except AX code is 4 digits on front of card.

PLEASE RETURN VIA FAX 1-866-245-4307.

Phone: 440-341-2279
Secure fax 1-866-245-4307

Sponsors are considered for inclusion to our site within 3 business days from the time we receive your request.  Once accepted, your listing will be viewable by site visitors within 48 hours.

Security of your Personal and Credit Card Information. Any credit card or personal information sent via fax is encrypted to prevent anyone else from accessing or viewing your information while it is being delivered to us. Once it is received, it is stored behind a firewall on a computer system in controlled facilities. All the information we collect is stored on a secure password-protected database system, so unauthorized individuals do not have access to your personal details, including credit card information.